Easy way to send note to SingularityApp, Evernote or email
How it works
SingularityNote will clear your head from daily chores! There is no need in keeping work matters in your mind, looking for a pen to write down a sudden idea, or getting a shopping list on a piece of paper. All this you can have at hand and in a single place.

Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy! Simple, fast and convenient.
Light theme
Dark theme
Sending notes with photo
Put text of a note and attach a photo from your gallery or shoot it directly from the app
Syncing with email, SingularityApp and Evernote
Send notes to where it is more convenient then to find them. In SingularityApp and Evernote, notes will be automatically converted to tasks in your Inbox folder
Day and night mode
To change a mode just shake your phone
Download the app
Install SingularityNote on all your devices and you will be surprised that new ideas are not forgotten, birthdays are not missed and all things get done!