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Windows shortcuts

It’s the same like playing the piano; the only difference is that you are using a computer keyboard. Your fingers are touching the keys, and you can see on the screen how tasks are created, priorities are changed, passwords are set. It’s impressive


Ctrl +  N Create a task
Space Create a task
Ctrl +  Shift +  N Create a project
Ctrl +  Alt +  N Create a section


Ctrl +  C Copy
Ctrl +  X Cut
Ctrl +  V Paste
Ctrl +  Z Undo an action
Ctrl +  Shift +  Z Redo
Ctrl +  1 Assign high priority to the task
Ctrl +  2 Assign medium priority to the task (no priority)
Ctrl +  3 Assign low priority to the task
Ctrl +  0 Pin a task / Unpin
Alt +  Space Mark as completed
Ctrl +  - Mark as canceled
Ctrl +  . Complete for today
Ctrl +  Shift +  X Encrypt a task
Ctrl +  Shift +  Y Remove encryption forever
Ctrl +  A Select all

Go to

Alt +  1 Go to Inbox
Alt +  2 Go to Today
Alt +  3 Go to Upcoming
Alt +  4 Go to Unallocated
Ctrl +  Shift +  T Go to Tags pane
Alt +  5 Go to Someday
Alt +  6 Go to Archive
Alt +  7 Go to Trash
Ctrl +  Alt Go to tasks with a selected tag
Ctrl +  , Go to Settings
Alt +  Left Go to the left pane from the right one
Ctrl +  Ctrl +  N Go to a new window


Ctrl +  Shift +  M Move Items box
Ctrl +  Shift +  L Add an item to Favorites
— a task
— a project
— a section
— a tag
— a group of projects
Ctrl +  L Move a completed task to Archive
Ctrl +  I Import from Things


Ctrl +  D Set a date
Ctrl +  P Print the plan of the day (on pages, except for Archive and Trash)
Ctrl +Shift   P Restore tasks from Archive
Restore tasks and projects from Trash
Ctrl +  T Set a date Today
Ctrl +  E Set a date Tonight
Ctrl +  O Set a date Someday
Ctrl +  K Set a date Tomorrow
Ctrl +  J Postpone to the weekend
Ctrl +  U Postpone for a month
Ctrl +  R Clear the date
Ctrl +  Shift +  R Stick a task on repeat



Ctrl +  Backspace
— a checklist
— a tag
— a date (in the editor task pane)
— a deadline (in the editor task pane)
— a priority (in the editor task pane)
— a task
— a project
— a section

Ctrl +  Backspace
Remove from Favorites


Alt +  Shift +  F Enable / disable focus mode (being in a project)
Ctrl +  F Quick search
Ctrl +  Shift +  F Search
Ctrl +  Q Close the application