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Import from Wunderlist

Although Wunderlist is in Microsoft’s hands now, you don’t have to use Microsoft To Do. Try SingularityApp if it is important to you that a planner is synchronized with Google calendars, that you can create multi-level projects, tasks and tags in it infinitely, as well as you can print a daily plan from it, make notes directly on the printout, and then take a photo to transfer all task statuses to the app

Set up Import

  1. Open the Wunderlist website and click on “export” under the blue button..
  2. Log in and download the archive with your data.

    If the archive is automatically unzipped (this happens with Macs), you will have to make the archive yourself. Important: you need to archive all files from the folder but not the folder itself.

  3. Choose: File from the SingularityApp system menu..
  4. Choose: Import.
  5. Choose: Import from Wunderlist.
  6. Attach the archive.


Wunderlist does not provide all data as it is implemented in it in a fundamentally different way than in SingularityApp. It may also provide some data but in a different form.

  • Repeating tasks from Wunderlist are imported into SingularityApp without any repeat settings. So you will need to  set up repeat again.
  • All imported projects in SingularityApp will turn blue. You may change the color.
  • If a task has a reminder, then it either is not imported or adjusts to one of the values available in SingularityApp: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day before the task starts.
  • Starred tasks in your Wunderlist will be bold in SingularityApp.
  • Any attached files are not imported.
  • Tags are not imported.