Eat a frog for breakfast and ask for another one

If it’s not tasty, it doesn’t mean it’s useful. Delicious and healthy time management will never make you eat frogs
There are two ways to eat a frog for breakfast. You can swallow some slippery green stuff and try to stop the gag reflex. Another way is to sit back in the chair of the Maison Blanche restaurant on Montaigne Street and enjoy an exquisite dish, a glass of Burgundy aligote and the view of Paris.
Those who choose the first option agree that eating a frog for breakfast means doing the most unpleasant thing in the morning. What can we say about these people? Well, they hardly know anything about time management, cuisine, and life itself. Though they definitely know quotes of Mark Twain, who once said that if you eat a live frog in the morning, the rest of the day will be wonderful, because the worst is already left behind. Yeah. And if you set a sound of fingernails on a chalkboard for your alarm clock, the rest of the day will be wonderful, because nothing will make you irritated anymore. And if you scream at the people around you in the morning, the rest of the day will be great, because you can’t be ruder than that. It’s not a very nice principle.
Those who choose the second option believe that you do not need to start the morning with nasty things. There’s no need to put off vile things for the evening. There’s no need to do unpleasant things at all. If you have to do something nasty every morning, it’s a real pain in the butt, buddy. Eating a frog is not a vile job. This is the biggest and most important work. This is what ultimately puts off its skin and turns into a princess. It is a dream project, a large and complex one, which you do not know how to start and therefore you commonly put it on the back burner.
You do not need to write a report in the morning, make an appointment with a doctor or fill out an application for an international passport. They are all like frogs. It is just the daily routine. It always has deadlines, and deadlines mean a guarantee that the tasks will be done, even at the last moment.

Allow yourself a frog in the morning, an expensive gastronomic delight. The rest of the day will be wonderful not because the worst is already behind, but because you have already taken an important step towards your vision of an ideal life, which caused a pretty endorphin boost, and you glow with happiness.

And here's an amuse-bouche: Pomodoro to your frog. You are welcome)
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