Enjoy Planning!

Best techniques for managing tasks, projects, calendars, checklists, and reminders


Multi-tasking Telegram Bot

Add tasks without entering the App: send and forward messages to the Telegram bot

Setting tasks by email

When sorting letters, send yourself an email, and the task will be added to the Incoming list

Voice input in the mobile version

Dictate the task. Singularity will instantly recognize the text, adding a new task to the list

Quick task widgets

Write tasks through widgets that are always handy in the desktop and mobile versions

Two-way sync with Google Calendar

Set tasks in the calendar or the application — they will be displayed in both places

Cloud synchronization between devices
Mobile App, web version, or desktop? There is no difference! All the changes will be in place!
Print and plan for the day
Send notes from the printed to-do list to the App in a couple of clicks on your smartphone
Infinite nesting of tasks, projects, and tags
No restrictions! Group tasks, add tags, and build hierarchy the way you want!
Focusing and validating projects
Focus on the main thing: use the Pomodoro technique, focus mode, interface focus, and project validation in the PC and web versions
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Who can benefit from SingularityApp?

“It’s a convenient app. I use it myself.”
Maxim Dorofeev — procrastinatologist, productivity specialist, coach.

We recommend that you read more about personal efficiency organization techniques in Maxim Dorofeev’s books — “Jedi Techniques” and “Jedi Path

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