Singularity App
Free your head for inspiration
and fresh ideas. SingularityApp
takes over your routine
Always free of charge for one device. Unlimited PRO version
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Infinite nesting
tasks, projects and tags

Break down your goal into simple clear steps. For this you are welcome to create a project with subprojects with 6 levels and tasks with subtasks with 40. There are no limits on SingularityApp.

Put links between tasks by using tags, they also can be multi-level.

Convenient widgets for working with tasks

Add tasks to SingularityApp instantly without opening the app.
If you are at a laptop or desktop, press hot keys for this. If you use a mobile device, there is a special widget on your home screen.

Display the to-do list widget on your home screen, thus most important tasks will be in plain sight.

Print daily plan and recognition

Print a plan for a day from SingularityApp and forget about gadgets till the evening. On the printout, mark the tasks you completed with checkmarks, with arrows — those which you will complete tomorrow and with crosses — those which you decided not to perform at all.

Take a photo of the printout from SingularityApp and all marks will be recognized and task statuses updated.

Synchronization with calendars

Take a look what meetings and events are planned in your google calendar, right in SingularityApp. Choose your Google account — one or more — and which calendars to display.

The data is synchronized every minute, so any change in your Google calendar immediately appears in SingularityApp.

Creating task via email

Resend favours and requests that you get on your email, directly to SingularityApp. The letter will appear in your planner as a task. The task’s name will be the same as the letter’s. And the text of the letter itself will become its description.

Already use another planner? Import your tasks from it into SingularityApp and compare the two applications in action.

Install SingularityApp on all your devices and your to-do list is always at hand
Our reputation
"Convenient application that I use myself.
As soon as daytasks appear, I will be glad even more!"
Maxim Dorofeev —
procrastinatologist, productivity specialist, famous Russian business coach.
The application is based on the methods and techniques which are described in his books on organizing personal effectiveness
Start managing chaos now!