Paper planning

In SingularityApp, you can print a daily plan, scribble all the checkboxes and the app will recognize everything.

This is a killer feature in case if you think that:
  • Electronic planning is for the weaklings, and true chaos fighters swing their pens, like nunchucks.
  • We will all die from these computers: first we’ll go blind then become dumb.
  • You can’t trust technology: in an instant everything can be discharged, freeze or robots can rise against us.
  • In this world there is no buzz more than paper’s smell and rustle, so go to hell with your technology.
See how it works
  1. Every day, SingularityApp generates a list of tasks for you in the Today folder

    The folder automatically includes all the tasks scheduled for the current day. This is your day plan. You can edit it: delete something, add something, write more details for something, arrange tasks in the right order, or use sorting by priority. And then print this plan directly from the application. And yes, we are constantly developing new templates for printouts and adding them to SingularityApp.

  2. Knock yourself out. Take your favorite pen and here we go!

    Tick the completed tasks. Use an “X” for each task that did not work out today and now you have to schedule them for another day. Place dots opposite the tasks that worked out today, but have not been finished yet, and you feel it’s enough for today and can continue later. Use arrows to put tasks off to the next day.

  3. Open the camera in SingularityApp, take a picture of the plan you have now, and ... here’s magic!

    In a heartbeat, the same marks will appear opposite the tasks in the application, they will be instantly synchronized between all devices and you do not have to transfer anything manually. Cool, yeah?

Start managing chaos now!
Always free usage for one device. Access to the Pro version is free for 14 days with no subscription and reference to a bank card