Everybody thinks this is the end, however this is the beginning

Why it is more important to set a project deadline than the start date, and what to do to make the deadline really work
The deadline is the fatal line, beyond which there is death. That sounds creepy no matter that it’s just a project. But if we keep in mind that every mortal is alive and the death is a necessary condition for life, so we can make the following conclusion though it is not obvious at first glance:
If there’s no deadline, there’s no project
You have an idea, a dream, but you have no project. To set a project deadline is more important than to set the start date for it. Everything is to be arranged according to the retrospective rules — you need to plan the project from the end, from the deadline. First you should decide when the project is to be ready, and after that you can set other dates.

Deadline is needed. But it has its dark side as well. You can learn about it from the endearing topical animation.

While without a deadline you are likely to stay in your boat, being close to the deadline forces you to complete the project just to get rid of it. You shouldn't do like that.

Deadline is an art of balancing between "I need to do it somehow as soon as possible" and "I don't need to rush, there's still plenty of time!". How can you find this balance?

You have to set the project deadline. Break the project down into several subsidiary projects ("Hands", "Feet"), and set a deadline for each. "Hands" should be ready by January 5, "legs" are to be done by January 20. You can go even further, and make sections within the project and set a deadline for each one. And you can go to the bother of setting a deadline for each task. More deadlines, hurrah!
Well, it’s good, but the deadline must be as scary as death itself (or nearly like death), in order to work. At least, you need to realize clearly that you will get it in the neck if you fail. So what can you do?

You can join the anonymous (or open) procrastinators club, where you can give promises to I’ll-do-it-later or I’ll-do-it-tomorrow people like you are. You can swear to pay top dollar / shave your head / take a vow of silence / change your name if you do not complete the task by the deadline. It seems to work — on social networks you can find many posts with similar promises.
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