Task Duration

We’ve added the option to set the duration of any task at once

The children’s school classes from 8:30 to 1:45. Meeting with Japanese partners from 8:30 to 11:30. Catching an investor for an elevator pitch from 2:10 to 2:15 pm. Plan these and other events with pinpoint accuracy in the revamped Singularity.
You used to schedule task duration in SingularityApp in Calendar mode in the desktop version: there you could arrange tasks in your schedule and set the time you expected to spend on them within the calendar grid.

In the latest update for Pro users, we’ve added the option to set the duration of any task at once: now you can add start and end times in the edit window. Besides, for any tasks — both for newly created and existing ones, and even for recurring tasks.

To add duration to a task, click on the Date icon, add the time in the pop-up windows and click OK — done! The task will automatically appear in the desired block of your calendar, and you can always see its time interval in your to-do list for the day. +100 to the convenient planning of your schedule!
How to setup the duration of tasks in Singularity

This functionality will be useful:

  • When there are a large number of rigid tasks in the schedule: having an interval prescribed for each task, it is easier to be sure that scheduled tasks don’t overlap in time and do not interfere with each other.
  • When your daily to-do list is very tight: if there are a lot of tasks, you risk failing to get a lot of them done. Clear time intervals for each task will clearly show you exactly how many tasks you can handle, so that you don’t take on too much.
  • When making timetables: assign tasks among shifts, set precise appointment hours.

The duration of tasks in Singularity will come in handy for students, freelancers, workers with appointment schedules — such as, doctors and hairdressers. It will also be relevant for executives and managers who have meetings and calls in their schedule one after another. It’s also useful if you need to make a minute-by-minute schedule for an event (a conference or a wedding).
In some projects, clear timing is the key to success
The task duration will be helpful in a hundred other cases — the main thing is that now you can set it in a couple of clicks in the desktop and web version, as well as in the mobile app. It means that once you’ve created a schedule on one device, you can easily follow it on the other — and vice versa.
And another good news: we’ll add a Calendar mode to the mobile app very soon — for even more convenient planning anywhere. Stay tuned, and catch up on new releases!
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