Timing Technique.
There is no second chance

There is neither small waste of time nor small waste of money. To see this, start keeping track of your time
Timing is a horror technique in case if it seems you can spend a little time on this and a little time on that. No, you cannot, really. Our daily budget is 1440 minutes. Exactly at midnight, the money in the account runs out and we get again 1440 minutes next day.
At any moment the financing can be ended, but as long as it goes, everyone wants to get something, for example:
  • outstanding skills in your favorite activity (cost 600 000 minutes, according to Anders Erickson);
  • your dream that come true (for example, publishing your own book, estimated cost 60,000 minutes);
  • knowledge of a foreign language (estimated cost of 25,000 minutes).
Also you have to spend your time daily for such things that a 'must' if you don’t want to ruin yourself. They are
  • a good night’s sleep (420−480 minutes);
  • food (90−180 minutes);
  • work (approximately 480 minutes);
  • movements (approximately 120 minutes).
After spending time for 'must' things, you're lucky if you can find 330 minutes a day to spend them as you like.

Spending 120 minutes a day for honing your skills in your favorite activity, you can become proficient in it in 14 years. Spending 30 minutes a day on making your dream come true, you can publish a book in 5.5 years. Spending 30 minutes a day learning a new language, you can pretend to be a foreigner in 2.5 years.

And then there are still 150 minutes to spend time on communication with your loved ones, which is an investment when warm trusting relationships with children, love and care are acquired.

It seems there is enough time to be successful and live happily. But if you are over 25 and you do not have such large acquisitions, check what your time is spending on

Mind what your every 10 minutes are spent on. Most likely, you will be taken aback by how huge chasms grow from every little thing for 10 minutes, which absorb your dreams. Minor wasting of time is the main killer of efficiency. When you see that you are spending more time than you can afford, and what it is spent on, plan your time budget — create separate projects for each major investment and invest time in them daily.
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