Alarm Notification in the Mobile Version of SingularityApp

Singularity now knows how to remind you of important tasks in alarm mode, so you definitely won’t miss the start of the task.Here’s how it works.

Join a Zoom meeting on an important new project on time and don’t make excuses for your coworkers. Leave the house in time for work, the theater or a match and don’t arrive sweaty and disheveled a minnute before the begining.
Don’t run late to the airport for your flight and don’t push other passengers during baggage screening. Pick up your kid from kindergarten, school or children’s section on time and don’t make excuses for waiting.

We have good news for those who have lots of scheduled tasks: there’s now an alarm notification in Singularity that prevents you from missing the start of important events.

You can add it to any of the notifications available in the system: either at the start time of a task, a few minutes or even a day in advance — the alarm will go off for each of the configured reminders.
Notification and alarm settings in Singularity
It works like a classic alarm clock in a smartphone: at the proper time, it starts the sound and vibration for 15 minutes, if you don’t turn it off earlier. For a "during" notification, the alarm can be postponed by 15 minutes: so it will be repeated 15 minutes later.

On Android, the alarm immediately maximizes the full screen when you unlock your smartphone. It’s different on iOS: when the application is minimized and the smartphone screen is off, notifications in the alarm mode come to the notification center and stack there — the alarm screen opens when you tap on such a notification. You can also clear all alarm notifications at once by swiping to the right or tapping on the cross at the top.
Important: in order for alarm notifications to work correctly, allow the app to send notifications in all modes (sound, vibration, lock screen notifications) and make sure there are no power saving restrictions — otherwise the alarm won't work.

Try the alarm clock for your rigid tasks and never be late. Catch up on new releases!
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