A gift to time management from aviation

What a task looks like under a microscope, and if it is necessary to fly up to the sky to make a contribution to time management
Which is bigger — a task or a checklist? The answer starts with the letter N: neither of the two. They are equal, even if the checklist takes ten times more space.
A checklist is a task that is broken down into smaller steps, simple actions, things taken for granted, a no-brainer. That’s why, we have such stupid faces at the moment when halfway to the pool, we see that we did not take swimming trunks. How the heck did this happen?

For our memory, getting ready for training is the same as piloting a Boeing. You have to do dreary task sequence, continuous routine. The only difference is the cost of a mistake. Therefore, it was in aviation that the idea of creating checklists appeared.
Checklist Requirements
Checklist should prevent failure
Write only those details that you can really forget. Fortunately, we are not stupid and such primitive actions as "opening a sports bag", "closing a sports bag", "throwing a sports bag on your shoulder" do not need to be recorded. Well, that’s a relief.

Checklist should be easy to read
Do not think about the correct wording, forget about the verb forms and other requirements for writing goals. A checklist is just a set of steps. Write as briefly as you can. Just one word is best.

The checklist is to show the sequence of steps
Make sure that while packing your bag, you won’t have to go into the bathroom many times to pick something up. Arrange the checklist steps into the right order to get the optimal sequence of actions.
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