Method D.U.M.B.
What is a sexual goal

Goals should be desired, passionately wanted, dreamed about. Can you have a desire to “learn 100 Spanish words in 30 days”? — Nope
"To loose 10 kilograms by the summer" is not a sexual goal as Brandon Burkhard says. "To dance in bikini to Maluma on the beach and feel awesome within 6371 km. (it's the radius of Earth)" is what a sexual target is.
Okay, okay, the sentence does not sound as the original one, if you want accuracy, look here. Or let's go ahead.
Фото: Lilian Newman's Dancers
SMART is cool, but only for short-term goals. The worst thing you can do is to plan only in SMART. Very soon you will turn into a plain predictable man without great ambitions. Shake all your long-term goals up. This is the way how: you take one, "Well, let me see what chick is this".
D — Dream-driven
It should be like a crazy, unreal, fantastic thing. As if you can do everything (believe that you can) even if you don’t have a single idea how to achieve this goal. Imagine that at the end of your life you look back… What would you like to see? What great achievements would you like to have?
U — Uplifting
Can you feel fast breathing? Heartbeat? Goosebumps? Are you ready to get out of bed for the sake of this goal? Will you pursue it until you reach or die? If your desire is so huge that scares you a little bit — it’s really cool! So, you will make most of yourself and will do everything that you didn’t think you are able to, but the goal will be achieved. Such goal will change your life, at least, and the whole world, at most.
M — Method-friendly
Imagine your goal is a system like music or aikido. Study it. Look for the steps to it. Develop its methodology. So you’ll find the tasks that will lead you to its implementation.
B — Behavior-driven
Wanna play your goal with the world? Look around. Find triggers that will always bring you back to your goal. How about a sneeze, for example? Here’s how it works: every time someone sneezes, you write a couple of sentences (if your goal is to write a book that will inspire millions of people). This doesn’t mean that you will write only if someone sneezes. This means that there will be something that even in the most hectic days will remind you to take a small step towards your goal.
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