Method S.M.A.R.T.
Test your goal‘s IQ

Goals are like people. If you are as big as a house then you don’t need high intelligence. If you are weak and feeble then high IQ is a necessity for you
It is unfair but big long-term goals can afford to be D.U.M.B. (stupid), and among small short-term ones only S.M.A.R.T. (intelligent) can survive.
To be considered a smart goal, it must have the following characteristics:
S — Specific

How many results does your goal have? A smart goal always has only one. That is why the goal "I want to learn to draw" is dumb. It can have a bunch of results:

  • take a course in watercolor sketching;
  • draw 10 sketches which you can’t be ashamed of;
  • post a selection of your sketches in an artists group in Instagram;
  • sell your painting at Christie’s auction;
  • win a young artist grant.

More and more goals can be listed here. At the same time, each of them is specific (simple and sensible) enough to be called smart.
M — Measurable
What indicator will demonstrate that you have achieved the goal? "I want to become a good father" is a beautiful but silly goal. "Go with son to a ski area and ski together for 10 km every Saturday until the season ends" is a smart goal, although not so beautiful. Smart goals do not like high ideals. So add numbers to your goal! Split it into meters, kilograms, seconds, amperes — whatever else to make it measurable.
A — Attainable/Assignable
Is your goal realistic and attainable? If the goal sounds like, "Run a marathon next month", and you know you are hardly able to run 5 km, so the goal is not really realistic. A smart goal takes into consideration all the limitations:

  • available time;
  • physical condition;
  • knowledge and experience;
  • investments, etc.

A smart goal does not hope you to win $ 12 million, envision something like the periodic table in a dream, or be bitten by a spider and become a super hero.

So you should either increase the training period, or reduce the distance.
R — Relevant
What can this goal do for achieving your vision? Vision is how you imagine your ideal life. You can imagine yourself to have a country house with a loving family or to be on the mountain landscapes of Mars as the first space colonist. A smart goal is always a good team player. It does everything to make the vision become a reality. If the goal does not bring you closer to your vision, maybe it is not worthy spending your resources on it.

Description to the screen: A goal that works for your achievement is to pass the IELTS exam and go to work abroad.
T — Time bound
A smart goal likes counting. It is good at math. That is why it always has a deadline. April 10, until August, in the first quarter of next year… The goal should have a deadline to see whether you have accomplished it or failed. Such a goal will help control the process and lead you to the result.
Smart goals are considered smart because they have enough intelligence to talk with you. You do not just set a goal, you also answer questions, find the right words and make commitments.
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