New option “Focus on work area”

You wanted to look through your plans for the week, but instead got stuck in the icons? Focus mode will help you always see what’s important
On the new Interface tab, there is now a Focus on the Workspace checkbox.
This is a cool mode that will help you focus on a specific task or area within the application and not be distracted by other elements (after all, the temptation is great!). By default, the option is off, but when it is active, the magic begins: all elements outside the current area are shaded.

For example, if you decide to look at your weekly schedule, the area on the left will not distract you.
The option works the same in all sections of the application, as well as for the upper and lower toolbars; as soon as you hover over them, the active tasks are illuminated. When you move the cursor off of them, they will become dark again. Also, when you edit a task, everything around it is effectively shaded.
Now nothing distracts you from the content :)
We are sure you will love this new trick – try it out! And don't miss the next update :)
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