Hidden Gems of SingularityApp: Swipes

Swipe to the left to delete the task, swipe to the right to complete it. Don’t get the directions confused! :)

When you find something cool by exploring an application on your own, you always feel wild satisfaction and delight. Today we will show you where you can find a few nice things in the mobile version of SingularityApp.
Quick commands for tasks
If you have an email on your mobile phone, you probably have already learned from experience that you can send letters to the Recycle Bin or mark them as read by swiping. You can do the same with tasks in SingularityApp!

A short swipe to the right and click on the calendar icon will open a popup with date and time settings and reminders. A long swipe to the right checks the task. Another long swipe to the right unchecks the task.
A short swipe to the left and click on the cross-like icon helps quickly drag the task into another project. A long swipe to the left deletes the task.
By the way, you can also use swipes to check or delete checklist items inside tasks.
Add a tag to favorites
Go to the tags section and swipe any of them to the right — it will be marked with a heart icon. Now this tag is always at hand in the Favorites, by clicking on it, you will see all tasks with this tag in one list. If you go to the tags section and swipe the same tag again, the mark will be removed, and the tag will disappear from the Favorites.
Synchronization and archiving
All application data is synchronized with the data on the server every 15 seconds. But if you need to sync them this second, just swipe down. Swiping down will also automatically send completed tasks (with a check mark) to the archive. Immediately after swiping at the bottom of the screen, a notification about the number of archived tasks will appear. Whoosh! and the list of tasks visually decreased, and you have the feeling that you have moved mountains!
Archiving completed tasks by swiping down
Quick applying changes to tasks
When you go to the task settings to check checklists, change the date, and set up a reminder — just swipe right to apply all the changes!
If there were no changes in the task, after swiping to the right, everything will remain as it was

Do you like swipes? Test it quickly — and see you in new releases!
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