Archive of tasks and projects

How the archive works and when you may need it

Archive is a real treasure of your past: you can find old photos, historical documents, and even old school videos there. Archive in SingularityApp, of course, will not help you to find your ancestor’s date of birth, but you will definitely be able to find tasks and projects completed or paused.
How Archive works
All the tasks you have completed go to Archive. In the application settings, you can configure the needed frequency of archiving:
Создание проекта в Todoist​
There are three options to choose from:

• manually — only at your request using the hotkey Ctrl (Cmd) + L;
• immediately — the task is transferred to Archive as soon as you check it;
• daily — once a day, all your checked tasks are sent to the archive section.

To quickly send tasks to Archive or restore them from there, you can also use Drag and Drop: just drag the desired objects from section to section. The same way, you can send a whole project to Archive, but to restore it, you need the context menu in the Archive section:
Создание проекта в Todoist​
How to unarchive a project. If you restore a subproject and then a project, the link between them will be broken

We recommend you to periodically archive completed tasks so that they do not clog your to-do lists for today and task lists in projects

On the Today tab and in projects, completed tasks will be displayed in the Archived Tasks block. In the Today section, you will see all your completed tasks for the current date (as well as overdue ones). In projects, there will be displayed only tasks related to them (in each subproject — their own ones).
Создание проекта в Todoist​
Tasks in the Today’s archive
Создание проекта в Todoist​
Tasks in the archive of one of the projects (each subproject with completed tasks has its own block)
On the Archive tab, tasks and projects are grouped separately: you can see all completed tasks in a list or find a project that you have not opened for a long time:
Создание проекта в Todoist​
This is what tasks look like on the Archive tab
Создание проекта в Todoist​
This is what a project looks like on the Archive tab
How to use Archive
To postpone your ideas and projects until you have time and resources for them
At the beginning of the year, you made lots of resolutions (well, that’s what many people do, don’t they?). You planned to take up yoga, start learning a foreign language, take part in the Iron Man race, read 12 books — or something like that :) When ideas pop into your head, you are excited to start implementing them immediately. But some of them can be too big, and you have to break them down into small steps. Not a problem — create a project, write tasks and subtasks down.

Realistically speaking, not all of your January goals can be realized just because you have many other things to do every day, or because you have winter blues or other distractions. And now you don’t feel like learning a foreign language, or reading books, or taking part in the race. That’s ok! Move these projects to Archive until you have time and energy for them. While the projects are in Archive, they will not distract you from doing your current tasks and you will not get reminded of them every time.
Создание проекта в Todoist​
Important: if a project has recurring tasks, they will also pause while archived. If the project is restored from Archive, such tasks will remain paused, and the repetition instances will not appear at the most unexpected moment. Users usually set up repetitions in accordance with the current context. When a task is archived, the context is immediately lost. If, after unarchiving, the task recurrence is still relevant, it can be easily reconfigured.

In order not to forget about your archived tasks, we recommend that you create a task like "Return to the Iron Man project" and assign a due date close to the current date (March 1, for example). That day, SingularityApp will remind you of the task, and you can return to archived projects and decide what to do with them then.

Track your progress
Archived tasks on the Today tab are a great motivator: the more you check them, the more satisfied you feel. And if you go to the Archive section and see all the tasks that you have ever done, you will feel like an ultra-productive person. It may come in handy in those moments when you are down ;)

A project’s tasks in Archive will also help you see how much has been done and how much remains to be done. If a project is being done too slowly, this is a reason to "shake it up". You can do it manually or by using the Check mode.

By the way, progress can also be tracked using the task filter: just sort the archived tasks for the chosen period and evaluate how much has been done during this period.

Find anything you want from the past
Have you sent the documents to your client? Did you change the engine oil in the spring? When was the last time you ordered auto parts online? What hotel did you stay in Miami in 2019? You don’t have to search through hundreds of letters in your Inbox (Do you remember the principle of an empty mailbox?) — you’ll have the answers from archived tasks!
Search among archived tasks
Archiving has so many advantages: you can pause projects, find needed information, track progress, and be proud of yourself for completed tasks! Read more about archiving in our Wiki.
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