Big Summer Update for SingularityApp Calendar

In July, we added more than 50 micro-improvements to the calendars in desktop and web versions, and we’re ready to unveil the calendar mode in the mobile app that everyone has been waiting for.

In July, we added more than 50 micro-improvements to the calendars in desktop and web versions, and we’re ready to unveil the calendar mode in the mobile app that everyone has been waiting for. Here we share details about the latest novelties in the planner.

Calendar in web and desktop versions

The updated calendar in Singularity allows you to:

Check off the tasks
This is handy when you want to update your agenda without any extra moves. Previously, you had to open the task to mark it done. Now you just need to hover over a task right in the calendar grid — a familiar checkbox will appear. Likewise, you can remove the completion check mark to make the task active again.
This is what the task completion checkbox looks like in Singularity calendar
See priorities
The text of high-priority tasks is now highlighted in the calendar with a bold font and an exclamation mark icon. The pinned to-dos in the schedule also have their own icon — this makes it easier to keep the most important things in focus.
Prioritized tasks are highlighted visually in Singularity calendar
See long task statements
Now the long text of the task name isn’t hidden, but is shown in several lines in any mode: day, 4 days, week or month.
Long task statements are no longer hidden
Set the duration of tasks at five-minute intervals
Before the update, the standard interval was 15 minutes — it was difficult to fit smaller tasks into the schedule. Scheduling tiny tasks is now easier thanks to 5-minute intervals. You can move existing tasks within the grid at the same interval.
Small five-minute tasks are grouped together in a single slot
Change periods on the touchscreen with a single gesture
To switch between periods — for example, from Friday to Saturday or from July to August, — just swipe right with two fingers on the touchscreen; to switch back, swipe left.

Calendar mode in the mobile version

A long-awaited update for Pro-account users, which makes scheduling now easy from any device. In the new "Calendar" tab, which is available in the menu of the mobile app, you have four well-known modes: day, 3 days, week, month.

In the mobile version calendar, you can:

  • Go to the needed date in the past or in the future — by tapping on the month, the window of date selection appears. When you go to it, you can view the list of your to-dos for the day or add new ones;
  • Move tasks from one date to another in the past or in the future;
  • Move tasks from the "All day" section to a specific time and back again;
  • View the list of to-dos for the selected day in the month mode by tapping on the date;
  • See events from connected online calendars.
You can specify the duration of a task when creating it or you can edit it at any time — just tap to open the task screen and indicate the end time.

Hurry up to try the upgraded calendar mode on desktops and smartphones — all you need to do is update Singularity to the latest version. And catch up on new releases!
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