Lists of everything.
Why you can never have too many lists

Read “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Buy a ticket to The Beach Boys for father. Such tasks are better to be added not to the general to-do list but to lists specially created for them
500 iconic movies that have influenced the history of world cinema. 100 books of all time according to Newsweek. 50 cities that are worth visiting.
The result is 7k such lists views, 1k reposts, 0 completions. And finally, 3 rules that can help fix this.
Rule # 1 Create separate lists
The task Read "To Kill a Mockingbird" should not be added to the general to-do list. It will be just a dead weight and spoil your mood. Create a separate Lists project in SingularityApp. In the Lists project, create a project for each list: Films, Books, Places. We are going to pitch a couple of ideas more:

You noticed that your sister’s umbrella rib is broken. You heard your mom admire Julia Roberts in perfume advertising. Dad said he had been listening to the last The Beach Boys album for two weeks. Write in the list:

These may be questions to people who you can’t call as soon as something comes to your mind: to the boss, teacher, and doctor. It would be convenient if you can look at the list when you meet them and remember to find out everything you want. And there may be questions on some topics: photography, art, diving. Something that Google can’t help. It’s better to write down such questions in order to return to them, think about them and find answers by yourself, or ask an expert when you have an opportunity.
Rule # 2 Use notes
Write down not only the name of the book, movie, place, but also how this item appeared in your list. SingularityApp has a special margin for this — a note.

The idea is not just to give any name — it should be like a flash. The name should be like something that makes this book a tidbit for you.

Why to read this book? Because it made your neighbor write a resignation letter and quit his job to start his own business, and you still can’t make up your mind to do the same. Or because you were said the character of the book is like you. Or because the book consists of 280 tweets and this is funny. There are no answers that are incorrect. The main thing is the reason should be good enough to make you start reading it.

Also it’s good to note who recommended this book to you. It is good manners to say thanks to that person after reading, even if it’s Newsweek or Oprah Winfrey. If it is a friend or a colleague, you can even share opinions.
Rule # 3 Check Lists Regularly
Writing lists is an efficient exercise, because it is a great way to filter out the best ideas. The more ideas, the more associations appear in your head and the more creative you become. So even if you just make a bunch of lists and you don't do anything with them, all the same it is a good investment into developing your neural pathways. But it is better to make the most of the lists.

There is a Check mode in SingularityApp. Decide how often you will view the Lists project (once a week, every two weeks, once a month). View the lists, delete irrelevant items, and put a few items into the plan for the week.
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