Everything to-do list.
Can it be real?

Chaos is eternal. But if you want order and productivity, you always have to begin with something. A to-do list is the first step towards productivity
If you don’t know what to start with, try to start with a to-do list. If you don’t know what to start with anyway — see the to-do list that we have drawn up to help you make your own to-do list.
How to make a to-do list:
  • You should learn to discern info-stimulus from just information very quickly. For example, "For the first time in history, astronomers have received the image of a black hole." If your reaction to this is, "Well, cool" - it’s just info. But if after that you wanted to make a T-shirt with such a print / name your sons in honor of these astronomers / become an astronomer yourself / call granny (it's hard to predict associative thinking) — for you, this is an info-stimulus.

  • You should develop a conditioned reflex for info-stimuli. Just as you salivate unconsciously seeing Carbonara pasta, so you ought to itch / burn / be eager to make notes as soon as you hear a new infо-stimulus.

  • Choose a single organizer for stimuli. It should be something that you always have an access to — inbox in Singularity App, a notebook that is always with you or your own body. But it is to be just one thing.

  • Disturb dozens of notebooks, hundreds of stickers, thousands of letters and messages in instant messengers — move all the info-stimulus that you can collect from there into your own single organizer. If you feel sorry, comfort yourself with the fact that globalization is an evolution consequence.

  • Record all the things that swarm and buzz in your head in the organizer. Write all you need to buy, see, read, sign, prepare — all hardcore, in short. Most likely, you’ll be writing a lot, so just try not to miss any thought — write without censorship, filters or distinctions between personal and work tasks and any other stuff.

  • Just when you finish everything, you need to polish all up. Phrase the tasks so clearly that even if you loose your short-term memory and forget the context, you will understand how to approach everything anyway. The tasks should sound like answers to the question "What needs to be done?" and start with infinitive form of verbs.

  • Now you should decide what to do with all these. Set dates for some tasks, some of them can be grouped into projects, others need to be prioritized. Well, you can read about all these in other articles.
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