Sharing Projects: November Updates

In the summer, we launched teamwork in beta mode. In the fall, we updated this functionality and added a couple of handy options.

In the summer, we launched teamwork in beta mode. In the fall, we updated this functionality and added a couple of handy options.

1. Checklists synchronization between collaborators

Checklists are now available not only to the project owner — each participant can add them to tasks, and these lists will be publicly available. It works best with delegating: everyone sees their subtasks and can check them off, while the project owner can easily track the progress. It’s also great that each of the collaborators can add their own items to the checklist, — these new items appear on everyone else’s list, as well.
Checklists in two different Singularity accounts: on the left — the collaborator invited to the project, on the right — the project owner

2. Updated notifications

First, we've upgraded notifications of the invitations to the project. Now, an invitee receives three notifications at once: the first one — by email, the second — in the app on the desktop in Singularity Notification Center and the third one is native — in a smartphone directly from the mobile app. By clicking on any of these notifications, you can go straight to the project to accept the invitation.
We also separated notifications by task — now, each project participant receives them separately: if someone marks the notification read, the rest of the collaborators still have it unread.
The invited user reads their notifications (the window on the left), but they remain unread in the project owner’s account (the window on the right)

3. Personal tags for tasks within the project

Each project collaborator can add their own tags to the tasks — the tags will appear on all the devices, but other participants will not see them. It is convenient because you can enter the tasks from the common project into your own coordinate system: mark urgent tasks or those that can be done quickly. And no one else will see your tags :)
We are working on more cool improvements for collaborating and family time-management, so stay tuned for updates. And catch up on new releases!
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