New Integration with Calendars in SingularityApp

Great news: connect your favorite calendars to SingularityApp by link! Get ready to use Google calendars at full speed — two-way synchronization is coming soon ;)

Soon events from Google calendars will not only be displayed in SingularityApp, but will also become available for editing.
Two-way synchronization with Google calendars will be available in SingularityApp Pro. Do you think this is great news only for Pro users? No. In order to implement it, we completely change the work of connected calendars on all platforms. As a result, Singularity Basic users will also get bonuses. But there are nuances 🍆
Now you can connect any calendar in iCal format — and this is free
The iCal format is supported not only by Google Calendar, but also by majority of the other web calendars, as well as by many sites and applications that publish schedules of webinars, events, and trainings. Now you can subscribe to such calendars and view the planned events in SingularityApp. Here’s how it works:
  1. Copy the link to the web calendar.
  2. Insert this link in SingularityApp.
  3. SingularityApp displays events from the calendar. Profit!
In our Wiki we detailed how to get a calendar link for the most popular web calendars. Usually this link is in Settings section. If in this section you see something like "Integration with Calendar (iCal)" - you are on the right way. Copy link, open SingularityApp, go to Calendar Settings, click "+" and insert the link.
The iCal calendar is read-only, so synchronization is only possible one-way: you can view events from calendars but not change them
Google calendars can be connected by a link in iCal format

It’s impossible just to replace the old version of calendars with a new one automatically. But we made sure the changes to be as easy for you as it is possible:

  • You still can see your sinchronized Google calendars in SingularityApp.
  • You will always be able to connect new calendars by a link, even in a SingularityApp Basic.
  • When we start a two-way synchronization with Google calendars, connected web calendars will continue to work. Google calendars connected in the old way will be disconnected and no longer available for viewing, but they can be reconnected.
What happens to Google calendars when two-way synchronization appears?
If you are Pro user, after the release of a two-way synchronization with Google calendars it will take you few simple steps to reconnect and configure them. We’ll release an article about it along with the SingularityApp updates.

If you are Basic user, you will need to reconnect old calendars using a link in iCal format. It’s a good idea to spend 5−7 minutes right now doing this:
  1. Log in to your Google calendar.
  2. Click Settings icon in the top menu and select Settings.
  3. In the Settings for my calendars section click on the calendar that you want to view in SingularityApp. If you want to view events from more than one calendar, you have to connect each one of them, because each one has an individual iCal link.
  4. Select Integrate Calendar.
  5. Copy an adress in iCal format. There are two of those available: public address (it is displayed for everyone if the calendar is public) and secret address (it is displayed only for users who are personally given access to the calendar by its owner). Any one of them will work, but to connect calendar by a public link it is necessary to make the calendar public also.
  6. Go to SingularityApp: Settings → Calendars → Web Calendars and insert a link.
Detailes, examples and screenshots for the popular web calendars in our Wiki.
If you cannot find a right link to connect your Google Calendar, you may have a corporate account, and your account administrator has banned the publication of calendar links. Ask him to allow the publication. If you can't agree - unfortunately, you can not connect the calendar by a web link.

Another thing that makes us sad: Google doesn't provide a link to the Birthdays calendar which is in the every default account. No idea why. But this is the reason why it is not possible to connect Birthdays calendar to SingularityApp. We hope sinserely that one day Google will make iCal links for this calendar too :)
In SingularityApp you can set different colors for each one of your calendars
The iCal format does not contain information about the calendar's color, so when you connect a Web calendar, SingularityApp assigns it a color at random. You can change this color any time. To do this, go to SingularityApp: Settings → Calendar, select the account, click on the color circle next to the calendar's name and pick the color in the palette.
Two-way synchronization: coming soon
It’s a matter of days. Just a little bit more and in the PRO version of SingularityApp it will be possible to edit Google calendar events as well as application tasks, and send tasks from the application directly to the calendar. And that’s not all the benefits of two-way synchronization: its speed is higher and it’s more flexible, but it’s all after release. Coming soon ;)