Fantastic space themes — give them a try!

Cool themes await you in the new release! Now there are five of them and they are beautiful
Many people love SingularityApp for its signature dark theme. We realized that we could make the theme even more cosmic by adding contrast and richness.
And if you prefer monochromatic layout — surprise!!! — we've added two more fiery options to the app design in addition to the classic light and dark themes.

Now you have as many as 5 cool "to your liking" themes! To select one of the themes, there is now a separate Interface tab in the application settings:
Choose which one you like best: "Space" with a rich dark purple background and high contrast for full focusing on tasks, "Dark" with a graphite-gray background so that nothing can distract from business, or "Gray" - with minimal contrasts for the most sensitive retinas :)
By the way, we improved the light theme to make it more pleasant to work with. Just look at this:
The contrast is decreased and it is pleasing to the eye
Find your new favorite theme or change themes every day — now there are plenty to choose from. And see you in the new articles! We still have a lot of interesting things for you ;)
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