Autumn novelties in SingularityApp: Telegram bot for adding tasks quickly

Whoosh — the task moves from the messenger to your application!

"If there were a way to send ideas and tasks to SingularityApp quickly without logging into the application…" you think. But there is one — we present the Telegram bot @SingularityAppBot. Your life will never be the same :)
Let’s say, you came across a link to something interesting, but you don’t have time to read or look at it now. Send the link to the chatbot, and it will create a task in the Inbox — now you will definitely not forget it. Or after an important call, you’ve got a few new tasks that you need to write down right away. Write them as a list in the chatbot and keep working. You will see the tasks when you open SingularityApp. Or while you are going somewhere, you remember something that must be done, but right now you don’t have time for that. Welcome to the Telegram bot!

Yes, Android users can quickly add tasks through the widget (iOS users can sigh with sadness now). But we are sure that the Telegram bot will change everything — we’ll tell you why :)
How to get started
It’s simple — click on the @SingularityAppBot link, and you will be taken to Telegram. To make the bot work, you need to link your Singularity account to it. As soon as you do this, the bot is ready to work. You can just text messages to it, and it will create tasks from your messages. Looks unreal? It’s real!
What the bot can do
1. It turns simple text messages into tasks that automatically go to your Inbox.
2. A text with line breaks (for example, with subparagraphs) turns into a task with a note — the first sentence will become the heading, and the rest will become a note.
3. The bot cannot process images or files yet. If you send them to the bot without any texts, it will give you a message that it cannot work with them. But if a text is attached to a picture or file, the bot will turn it into a task.
4. If the text has a link, the bot will definitely add it to the task in the Inbox:
5. You can send messages to the bot from Telegram channels and from other users of the messenger.
Important: don’t write anything in the comment that Telegram prompts you to do, otherwise the bot will make another task out of the comment.
6. If the forwarded message contains a picture, a text, and a link, the bot will add everything except the picture to the task. But emoticons and emojis will be saved!
7. The bot can multitask. This means that other people can send tasks to it. If you link several Telegram accounts to one account in SingularityApp, other people also can send tasks to Inbox using the chatbot on their devices.

As you can see, the chatbot can do many things. And we will continue to improve and perfect it: we are going to teach (OR show?) you how to send tasks to the Today section and even check them. So, try our smart Telegram assistant, write to what you would like to add to the bot, and do not switch — there are still many cool things to come :)

See you in new releases!
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