Winter Novelties: Multiple Notifications in SingularityApp

Why set multiple notifications for one task? We’ll tell you how this new feature helps with long-term planning!

A regular checkup once every six months. Going to the theater premiere in three months. Car maintenance once every two seasons. Аnnual recital in three weeks. Your friend’s birthday.
If you keep in mind all these things, you risk forgetting about something more important. But if you just write down these tasks in a planner, they may take you by surprise. So, you end up waiting in line for a physician because you didn’t make an appointment in advance. You’re late for a play because you stay late at work. You can’t go to the recital because you have an important meeting at the same time. And you are giving a cash gift to your friend again instead of something more worthwhile because you have lost sight of the gift.

To prevent this from happening, Singularity now supports custom notification settings in the Pro subscription.
Set up notifications the way you like: choose from the available options or set your own intervals of hours, days or months. You can add up to five reminders for each task — it will be useful for especially punctual users. Or for those who are always forgetful :)

Now you can be reminded of any task timely and several times. For example, you can set a reminder a couple of weeks before the checkup, a couple of days and a day before, so you don’t miss your appointment and get to the doctor on time. As for going to the theater, you can set a reminder a day before and then an hour before the event, so you can get your outfit ready in advance and leave home on time, in order not to be late for the play because of traffic jams. As for the birthday, set a reminder a week or a day before, so that you have enough time to buy a cool gift and free up your schedule for a personal greeting on the right date. And best of all, you can set up notifications on any device you have at hand right now.

For example, you get your car serviced at the dealer once a season. But it’s easy to forget about a recurring task when the deadline is creeping up. Moreover, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get to the service when the tasks shows up on the same day. With multiple notifications, it’s no longer a problem: set a reminder a week before, then a day before and on the date of the event a few hours in advance to be there at the appointed hour.
Multiple and custom notification settings in Singularity app
Multiple and custom notification settings in Singularity app
What are your plans for the next month? It’s high time to see if you need to supplement them with handy custom notifications from the new version of Singularity (but don’t overdo with the reminders — otherwise you might get apathy and motivation paralysis instead of zen and order). Hurry up and update Singularity on all your devices to sync notifications, and go ahead. And catch up on new releases!
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