Create a checklist #

  1. Open the task with double left-click or pressing  Enter
  2. Click on   Checklist.

  3. Type the name of the first item in the checklist.
  4. Press  Enter to add the name of the next item to the checklist.

Reorder items #

You can click on any item in the checklist then drag-and-drop it to the place of another item.

When all items are checked #

When all the items in the checklist are marked, the task does not become completed automatically. You need to make sure you have done all the key steps of the task and then complete it manually.

Delete a checklist #

To delete a checklist item, highlight it and press  Backspace or  Delete

To delete the entire checklist, highlight all the checklist items by holding the  Ctrl key and pressing  Backspace or  Delete