General Settings

General settings enable you to choose how often completed tasks will be sent to Archive (immediately, at the end of the day automatically or when you need to manually), choose the interface language and change the theme.


In this section, you can synchronize data between devices and the server. There are three options:

  • merge changes in the device and server (data from the server will be added to the existing data);
  • export data from the server (the data from the device will be lost);
  • use the device data (and replace the data on the server with the existing data on this device).

Synchronization between devices is only available in the Pro version.


This tool allows you:

  • enable and disable daily data backup (we recommend keeping it enabled so that you can always restore information from the application: the device will store the last 10 copies, the earlier ones are automatically deleted);
  • create or download a backup copy of data (if you need to save or download something manually);
  • send the log to the support center (if something in the application does not work properly).


HHelpdesk is the help center for our users. You can write any question about the operation of the application, about any kind of problem, or request a refund.

Also in this section, you can read about our privacy policy and user agreement, quickly go to the singular blog or to the official website of the application.

Problems with Notifications

If something went wrong with the notifications in the application, go to this section to find out what steps you need to take to fix notifications, and to find a quick link to the notification settings inside the smartphone’s operating system.

Connect Telegram bot

An instant link that will redirect you to Telegram and offer to link your SingularityApp account to the bot. This option will allow you to quickly send tasks to the application without closing your favorite messenger (only for the Pro version).

More about connecting a Telegram bot