FAQ: Synchronization with calendars

What is the difference between one-way and two-way synchronization? #

In one-way sync mode, you can connect any web calendars in iCal format: events from these calendars cannot be checked or edited, but you can view them as a list in the Today tab.

Two-way sync mode is available in the Singularity Pro version and only for Google Calendar: when sync is set up, all external calendar events are fully synchronized with the tasks in the app. They can be edited, checked, or deleted in the app as well as on Google, and the changes will instantly appear in both. Learn more about two-way synchronization on our blog and wiki page.

Where can I get a link to connect a web calendar? #

It is in the settings of the calendar itself. Find more about this on the wiki page.

Can I connect another Google account to view its calendar events in Singularity? #

Yes, it is possible: you can connect multiple Google accounts to a single SingularityApp account. Though, there is one condition: these Google accounts cannot be connected to other SingularityApp accounts.

I've synced with my Google Calendar, but there are no tasks from it in Singularity. What should I do? #

Go back to the synchronization settings and make sure that the status of the calendar is «View» or «Synchronization».

How can I see tasks from SingularityApp in the calendar if they don’t have a due time? #

They can be displayed as tasks for the whole day, or you can hide them altogether. Learn more about this on the wiki page.

How can I change the project for the connected Google Calendar? #

You should disable sync with the calendar, then enable and reset the sync mode. Check out our blog and wiki page to learn more about this function and how changing your connected Google Calendar affects tasks.

Why can’t I sync SingularityApp notifications with Google Calendar notifications? #

Google Calendar notifications have more complicated settings, so they cannot be synchronized with Singularity. To keep track of your Google Calendar tasks, set up the app’s internal notifications for them.

How can I change duration of events from the calendar in Singularity? #

Every task that comes from your calendar to the SingularityApp lasts as long as the one you set up in your Google Calendar. For two-way synchronization with Google, you can adjust the duration by going to the Calendar tab in the app. Read more about this on the wiki page. When synchronizing in view mode, events from Google cannot be edited.