FAQ: Mobile application

How to view the revision history of tasks? #

There is no such functionality yet. We intend to add a change history in the future, along with an expansion of the sharing project functionality.

What should I do if there are no widget updates in the Android app? #

Unfortunately, on the Android OS, background application processes do not run all the time — the system forcibly ends or pauses them. You can disable battery consumption limits for SingularityApp in the system settings. This will make the automatic update of the widget more stable.

  1. Disable restrictions on background activity
  2. Turn off battery consumption optimization
  3. Turn on autorun for the application. There might not be such an option on your smartphone.

Notifications fail to appear or don’t work correctly — what to do? #

  1. Check whether you get notifications on the notification panel. To open it, tap on the Bell icon in the menu on the left.
  2. Check that the application is not restricted to background activity and your device allows notification pop-ups to appear.
  3. Verify that battery optimization is not enabled for the app.
  4. Ensure that app notifications are allowed:
  5. Verify that the app is allowed to autorun. There might not be such an option on your smartphone.
  6. Check that the task notification is set. To set the notification, specify the time of the task and choose when you want to receive the notification before the task starts. Otherwise, the notification won’t show up.

Why does the agenda fail to be recognized? #

To ensure that your agenda is properly recognized, place it on a flat surface. There should be good lighting with no shadows. The photo must be taken in landscape orientation (horizontally).