Priority types

In SingularityApp there is a three-level priority system:

  • High priority (tasks are highlighted in bold);
  • Medium priority (tasks are highlighted in a medium writing style);
  • Low priority (tasks are highlighted in a thin writing style).

Set up priority

Method 1. Highlight the task and press keys simultaneously:

⌘ Cmd +  1 — to assign high priority to the task,

⌘ Cmd +  2 — to assign medium priority to the task,

⌘ Cmd +  3 — to assign low priority to the task.

Method 2. Open the task and click on   High priority.

Method 3. Right-click the task. In the drop-down menu select Priority > High priority.

You also can select Medium priority or Low priority.

Remove priority

There are no tasks without priority that’s why it is impossible to remove task priority. You can assign Medium priority instead. This is the default priority for all tasks.