Priority types #

In SingularityApp there is a three-level priority system:

  • High priority (tasks are highlighted in bold);
  • Medium priority (tasks are highlighted in a medium writing style);
  • Low priority (tasks are highlighted in a thin writing style).

Set up priority #

Method 1. Highlight the task and press keys simultaneously:

⌘ Cmd +  1 — to assign high priority to the task,

⌘ Cmd +  2 — to assign medium priority to the task,

⌘ Cmd +  3 — to assign low priority to the task.

Method 2. Open the task and click on   High priority.

Method 3. Right-click the task. In the drop-down menu select Priority > High priority.

You also can select Medium priority or Low priority.

Remove priority #

There are no tasks without priority that’s why it is impossible to remove task priority. You can assign Medium priority instead. This is the default priority for all tasks.