Watch version

Connection #

Go to the Watch version section in the mobile app.

To connect the watch for the first time, follow the connection recommendations on the screen.

When the watch is connected but not synchronized, the section screen notifies you and also displays connection recommendations.

When the watch is connected and synchronized, the split screen displays a confirmation.

Task list #

The watch screen displays:

  1. The name of the task list (Today).
  2. Add task button.
    • Tap the button to launch the system keyboard.
    • The task name can be edited until the task is saved. Once a task is saved, you cannot edit it through the watch interface. If the task requires editing, use any other version of the app.
  3. Task List.

    For each task, a checkbox, title and project name are displayed.

    • To mark a task completed — tap on the checkbox.
    • To open the detailed page of the task — tap on any part of the task except the checkbox.

Sorting of tasks is the same as configured in the application.

To refresh the task list, swipe down.

Task detail page #

The detailed page of the task displays:

  • task name;
  • task start date and time;
  • project name;
  • task description.

The data is available for viewing only. If the task requires editing, use any other version of the application.

Additional features #

If an alarm notification is set up for a task, your WearOS watch will display a special alarm screen at the designated time.