FAQ: Task settings

How to view all the tasks in a single list? #

You can view all the tasks in a single list on the filter tab:

How to set a task duration? #

Currently, the duration can only be set in the Calendar — read more about this in the article. It’s planned to add a duration setting when editing tasks in the application.

How to attach files to a task? #

There is no such feature yet, though it’s a critical one. Its release is our high priority.

How to mark a repeating task as completed in advance? #

There is no such an option yet. We plan to refine the time scheduling functionality as well as add such a feature later on. If you want a recurring task not to be set up on the next trigger date, you can pause the recurrence template. To do this, open the Repeat settings and hit the Pause button. If you want to restart creating repetitive tasks by this template, hit the pause button again in the Repeat settings window.

How to display all upcoming repeating tasks in the Calendar? #

Currently, the Calendar displays only one repeating task on the upcoming date — this date displays a template that stores all the recurrence settings. As soon as this date comes, a task instance is created — a valid distinct task that can be ticked, while the template shifts to the date of the next triggering.

The functionality of repeating tasks will be refined. Repeating tasks are planned to be output on the dates planned ahead of time.

Why do repeating tasks sometimes pop up on the wrong day? #

It can happen if you change time zones on your devices: you create a template in one time zone, then it triggers in another, the next time it triggers in another time zone again, and so on. It is planned to add multiple time zone support for tasks and repeats in the future releases. If you set up the same time zone on all your devices, the repetitive tasks will restore after the next triggering and pop up at the scheduled time.

Why does the task change the date after it is created? #

It happens when you have Google Calendar enabled in the application in two-way synchronization mode and a different time zone is set in the Calendar.

Check if you have Google Calendar enabled.

  1. If it is so, make sure that the time zone there is the same as the one on your computer. To do this, go to Google Calendar → Settings: General: Time zone:
  2. Check the time zone of the particular calendar:
  3. You can turn off Google Calendar temporarily: if the problem disappears, it must be due to the time zone difference.