Working in two windows

Open in a new window #

Method 1. Click on   New window.

The button   New window is located in the Upper toolbar. The upper toolbar is a panel with five buttons at the top of the Main application panel. Each button in the Upper toolbar gives you quick access to a tool: Search, Check, Focus, Notifications, Pomodoro, Themes, New window

Method 2. Right-click on the project or system folder. In the drop-down menu, select Open in a New window.

Drag&Drop #

It is convenient to drag tasks, sections and projects from one window to another. The most common options are

  • From Inbox to Project;
  • From Someday to Today;
  • From Someday to Plans;
  • From Project to Archive;
  • From Project to Trash;
  • From one Project to another Project.

You can move any task, section, or project using two windows side by side.

  1. Left-click on a task, section, or project.
  2. Without releasing the button, drag the task, section, or project into a new window.

Planning #

When you set dates for tasks in a project, it would be convenient to open Plans in another window to avoid adding a task for the day that has already been loaded.