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Calendar β (Pro only)

Viewing tasks in calendar mode

  • To switch to the calendar mode, click on its name in the sidebar.

  • The calendar has three types of tabs: day, week, month.
  • On the Day and Week tabs, the left column shows time with 1-hour intervals starting from midnight (0:00). On the Week tab header, the days of the week are indicated on a horizontal line.

  • If a task has no due time, it will be displayed in the upper section called All Day on the Day and Week tabs.

  • Tasks with due time will appear next to the time it was scheduled for (the Day and Week tabs).
  • On the Month tab, the task is displayed in its date cell. A task with no due time will be fully highlighted in color, a task with due time will have a colored dot next to its name. If there are a lot of tasks and they all do not fit in the cell, you will see a link with “+ more N” in its name. By clicking on the link, a list of tasks for this date will open.
  • On the calendar page, you can configure the display of tasks with a specific tag.
    1. Go to the required calendar tab: day, week, or month.
    2. Open the tags panel by clicking on the   tag icon in the upper toolbar.

    3. Choose a tag. Only tasks with this tag will remain in the tab.

    4. To see the full list of tasks in the tab again, click on the selected tag again.
  • The color of the task name field is the same as the color of the project to which the task belongs.
  • Fields of completed tasks are semi-transparent.
  • The full name of the task is displayed in a pop-up window when you hover over the task with your mouse pointer.

Creating tasks in the calendar

  1. Click on an empty cell or on an empty space in a filled cell, a creating a new task window will open

  2. The task will immediately be assigned the same due date as in the selected cell, as well as the time (if you create a task on the Day or Week tabs).
  3. You can set the task’s duration.

    Left-click and hold the desired cell and move the cursor to another cell. The task cell will stretch which means that its duration is increased. On the Day tab, the task can be stretched into several hours, on the Week tab — into several days, on the Month tab — into several weeks. When you have selected the required duration, release the mouse button — the task creation window will open, and you will see the task due date and time there.

Editing task in the calendar

  1. Tasks can be moved from one cell to another within one tab.
  2. Clicking on the task name field opens the task editing window where you can change its parameters..
  3. The duration of the task can be changed by dragging the bottom edge on the <Day and Week tabs, or by dragging the right edge on the Month tab..

    If you want to change the start time without changing the duration, drag the task to the desired time or edit the due time in the window.

  4. A stretched task can be moved to another cell, its duration will not change.
  5. You can delete a task through the context menu.

    Right-click on the task name field. In the context menu, select Delete task.

  6. In the context menu of a task, basic actions with tasks are available.

    Using the context menu, you can:

    • Set date and time.

    • Set priority.

    • Move a task to another project.

    • Complete a task.

    • Make a task repetitive.

    • Add a task to Favourites.

    • Move completed tasks to Archive.

    • Go to a task in the project.

    • Copy a task.

    • Copy the link to the task.

    • Copy the WEB link to the task.

You will love this feature if you are used to working with calendars. Tasks are grouped by dates and time. You can drag and drop them from one date to another, from All Day to the desired time and back. You can stretch or shrink them. They are multi-colored :) And there is another good point — β in the name of the Calendar means that we will keep updating and improving it. Stay tuned!