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What you do for two hours, you can do for 40 minutes. You don’t believe it, do you? Then set Pomodoro. This is a wise timer where you can set the intervals you want: ok, first I have a 25-minute work session, then a 5-minute coffee break, after the break I work for 25 minutes again, then chatting over the phone for 5 minutes. Pomodoro begins the countdown: 25 minutes, 24, 23. And you should try to do as much as possible during this time. Very stimulating!

Start Pomodoro

  1. Click on   Pomodoro.

    The button   Pomodoro is in the Upper toolbar. Upper toolbar is a panel with five buttons on the top of the Main application panel. Each button of the Upper toolbar gives you a quick access to any of the tools: Search, Check, Focus, Notifications, Pomodoro, Themes, New window.

  2. Click on   Play in the pop-up window.

Change intervals

By default, Pomodoro in SingularityApp has 25-minute and 4-minute intervals as they are traditional for this technique. This means that first the timer will count down 25 minutes, during this time you should focus on the work as much as possible, and then you will have 4 minutes for relaxation, and after that the timer will repeat the steps all over again. If such intervals do not suit you, they can be changed.

  1. Open Application settings.

    To do this press the keys  ⌘ Cmd +  , or in the System menu select SingularityApp > Settings.

  2. In the Settings select Pomodoro.
  3. Enter the values for work sessions and breaks.

Skip an interval

If you are carried away by work and are ready to skip one of the breaks, just click on   Stop and a new work session will begin. If you click   Stop during the work session, the timer will be reset.