Import from Microsoft To Do

Set up import #

  1. Choose File from the SingularityApp system menu.
  2. Choose: Import.
  3. Choose: Import from Microsoft To Do.

  4. Click: Sign in to your Microsoft To Do..

  5. Log in.

Limitation #

Microsoft To Do does not provide all data as it is implemented in it in a fundamentally different way than in SingularityApp. It may also provide some data but in a different form.

  • Projects may be imported not in the order they are in your Microsoft To Do.
  • All imported projects in SingularityApp will turn blue. You may change the color.
  • If you have checklists in your tasks, they are not imported. But they can be transferred by Copy-Paste.
  • If you have groups that have nested lists, those lists are imported, but the groups themselves are not.
  • If a task has a reminder, then it either is not imported or adjusts to one of the values available in SingularityApp: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day before the task starts.
  • Starred tasks in your Microsoft To Do will be bold in SingularityApp.
  • Any attached files are not imported.
  • Tags are not imported.