Project sharing PRO

Teamwork is available only for Pro users.

Inviting collaborators #

Teamwork allows users to invite up to five collaborators to one project. To send an invitation:

  1. Click the Invite Collaborators icon.
  2. Type in the user’s email address associated with their SingularutyApp account and click Invite. The invitee’s email appears with the Invitation mark in the window. The inviter’s email appears with the Owner mark in the same window.
  3. An invitation will be sent to the user. After accepting it, they get access to the tasks of the project.

Accepting the invitation #

In the mobile version, the user receives a push notification of joining a project, and an indicator appears next to the specific shared project in the list of projects. In the desktop version, only the indicator appears.

To accept the invitation:

  • In the desktop and web versions, click on the project you are invited to in the project panel on the left. The icon of such a project has a flashing yellow light. When you click on the project, the window opens. It allows you to accept or decline the invitation to the project.
  • In the mobile version, you can also click on a project with an indicator in the list of projects. Besides, you can click on the project invitation notification. It opens the invitation panel, which allows you to accept or decline the invitation to the project.

Leaving the project #

Exit projectTo leave the project, select the Leave the Project context menu item. The confirmation window appears. Once confirmed, the project becomes unavailable and disappears from the list of projects.

Removing a collaborator #

The project owner can remove access for any of the project collaborators. To do this, open the list of collaborators by clicking on the Invite Collaborators icon. Click the Cross icon next to the collaborator you want to remove. The confirmation window appears. Once confirmed, access to the project for this collaborator becomes disabled, and the project disappears from their project list.

List of shared projects #

  • The owner of a shared project sees an additional Teamwork icon next to the Project icon. The shared project is listed together with all the other projects.
  • The invitee sees the projects to which they have been granted access in a separate Shared Projects β block above the list of projects in the desktop version and mobile application. The order of projects in beta version cannot be changed.

Feature limitations for collaborators #

The owner of a shared project has access to all project features, except for task encryption.

Other project members have some limitations:

  • Collaborators cannot delete their shared project, but they can leave it via the context menu.
  • Collaborators cannot edit project data.
  • Within a project, collaborators cannot: create sub-projects, nest or post projects, convert sections into projects, embed a Google Calendar to a project, or move shared project tasks to other projects.
  • Collaborators cannot nest the tasks of a shared project into the tasks of other projects in the System folders (Today, Upcoming, Someday). They also cannot nest their project tasks into shared project tasks in the same folders.

General features and limitations #

  • The project owner can add sub-projects to a shared project. Collaborators cannot see the sub-projects of the project they were invited to. If the owner wants to provide access to sub-projects, they have to invite collaborators to these sub-projects.
  • The project owner can invite and remove collaborators. If the owner deletes the project, it goes to the Trash folder. Collaborators lose access to it and cannot see the project in the list.
  • The project owner and collaborators have equal rights to add, delete tasks and mark them as completed.
  • The project owner can edit all project data (name, emoji, color), change nesting. In addition, the project owner can edit all the project task fields.
  • Task encryption within shared projects is not available. If there are encrypted tasks in the project, we recommend decrypting them before collaborators are invited to the project.

Limitations of the current version #

  • The date, time and recurring settings are the same for all project members and do not support time zones. If collaborators have different time zones on their devices, we recommend not using templates for recurring tasks within this project.
  • There is no tasks version history in beta. If it is crucial to keep track of task changes for collaborators and the project owner, we recommend editing the note and adding comments there.

Development prospects #

Teamwork functionality will be refined and gradually developed. In future releases we are going to add:

  • Version history of tasks with names of the collaborators
  • Comments on the tasks
  • Project invitation notifications in the desktop version
  • Selection of a task performer from the list of the collaborators
  • Increase in the number of collaborators

Additionally, we have plans for Kanban mode for displaying project tasks, attaching files to tasks and WYSIWYG Editor for text formatting.

We are aware that many users were looking forward to sharing projects and teamwork, and we ourselves are in need of this functionality as well. So, we’re definitely going to expand features. The development plan is months ahead. If you notice bugs of sharing projects and teamwork not related to the limitations listed above — we kindly ask you to contact us by email: