FAQ: Tech support

What is the processing time of requests to tech support? #

Сrucial questions on bugs and payments are responded first within 3 working days (we try to answer faster). Other comments and questions that do not disturb the work with the application are replied within 5 working days. General questions and suggestions for new features are answered within 7 business days. We collect all the suggestions into a separate list and consider them when preparing future releases.

Is there tech support available by phone or via messengers? #

Unfortunately, this is no such option: we record all requests in our ticket-system — Helpdesk. To send a message to it, just fill out a simple form. In the form, you can enter any email which you want to receive notifications to. As soon as you send an appeal, you will receive a confirmation email with the password for our Helpdesk. Replies from technical support are sent to this address as well. To interact with technical support, you may:

  • respond to emails — answers are automatically attached to the special ticket of our system, which was created on your appeal already;
  • log in to the Helpdesk with the password in the first email and text to our tech support there.

The ticket-system is more reliable than messengers: information on user requests is never lost, the speed of response is maximally rapid, and we can always track the progress of the solution to each issue.

How do I know the version number? #

The version number of the app for MacOS can be found in the menu SingularityApp → About

The application version number for Windows, the Web version and Linux can be found on the top line of the menu Help

The number of application version for iOS and Android can be found in Settings → About

How do I get to a CustDev interview where I can interact with the creators of the app in person? #

Email us at, mentioning that you wish to be interviewed. You are always welcome!