How do I change my pay period on a paid subscription? #

Contact our support team. We will cancel your current subscription. When your paid period expires, you can choose and take out a monthly or annual subscription at your convenience.

How to pay for a subscription? #

In the App Store / Google Play applications use the method available in your Apple / Google account.

How can I change my subscription payment card? #

Contact our support team. We will cancel your current subscription. When your paid period is up, you can subscribe again using another card.

Paying for a subscription during a trial period #

Singularity Pro plan is activated on the day you purchase a subscription. If you buy it during the trial period, the unused days of the trial are not added to your Pro plan.

What happens to a subscription when switching to the «Forever» plan? #

If you purchased a subscription on the site, it will stop automatically without any extra charges. If you subscribed via GooglePlay or AppStore, you should go to the subscription management in the corresponding system and turn off auto-renewal.

Do you offer family/corporate plans? #

Not yet, but we plan to add them in the future.

Do you have any discounts for users? #

You can apply a promo code while signing up for an annual subscription on the site and get two months for free. This is more profitable than typical plans: if you divide $29.99 by 14 months, you get $2.14 per month.

You can use the promo code only once. Email us to get it.

Sometimes we make special offers — follow our blog, social networks and newsletters to stay tuned.

How to activate a promo code? #

You can enter a promo code while paying online. To do this, click the link at the bottom of the payment page and enter the promo code in the pop-up window.

How can I cancel my subscription? #

The method of unsubscribing depends on the way the subscription was set up. Read more about unsubscribing here.