Create a tag #

  1. Open a task and click on   Tags.
  2. Enter a tag name.

    If the tag exists already, then once you start typing its name, a tooltip with tags that start the same way will pop up, and among them you can simply select the one you need.

    If the tag is new, it will automatically be added to the tag directory and assigned to the task.

  3. Press  Enter

    After this, the tag will be displayed on a gray plaque.

    Тег  в задаче

Multiple word tags #

Unlike tags that are entered using the # или @ symbols, SingularityApp allows you to create beautiful multi-word tags without underscores.

Примеры тегов

Delete a tag #

To remove a tag, click in the tag area in the task edit window and press  Backspace. Important: if the tag has just been created, it will be removed from the task, but will remain in the list on the tags panel.

Тег  в задаче