Add tasks via Telegram Bot

Tasks in the SingularityApp can be sent from the Telegram messenger by connecting the Telegram bot.

The link to connect the Telegram bot is on the General Windows tab in the Application Settings.

  • Follow this link to go to the Telegram messenger, to the Dialogue with Bot window, and click the Run button.
  • When you first run the bot, it will ask you to link your SingularityApp account.
  • After this, all messages in this dialog will be sent to the SingularityApp Inbox as tasks.

You can send the link to the bot to anyone, so, that person will also be able to send you tasks to the application using the Telegram messenger.

When deleting a Telegram bot chat from your chat list in the messenger, the linking of the SingularityApp account to the bot is saved. To unlink your SingularityApp account from the bot, use the Logout command in the bot menu in the messenger.

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