Change the theme

  1. Open the Application Settings.

    Press the hot key ⌘ Cmd + , or choose SingularityApp > Settings in the System menu.

  2. In Settings select the Interface tab.

    On the Interface tab, you can choose from the three dark or two light themes. A preview of each theme shows its basic colors.

Dark themes

  • If you are working before going to bed.

    The light background of the application will keep you up for the next three hours. So when you take stock and plan for the next day late in the evening, you should use a dark theme.

  • If you have an OLED screen.

    OLED screens do not require any backlighting (unlike LCDs). By enabling the dark theme, you significantly extend the life of your device.

  • Choose any of the dark themes.




Light Themes

  • Use a light theme when working in bright light.
  • Choose one of two light themes.