The main application panel is the right panel of the application. Tasks and sections are created and edited there. There you can also manage them (move, delete).

Application sidebar is the left panel of the application. System folders and projects are displayed there. Unlike system folders, projects can be managed (created, renamed, moved and deleted).

Upper toolbar is a toolbar on the top. There are eight buttons:   Search,   Tags,   Review,   Focus,   Notifications,   Pomodoro,   Themes and   New Window.

Bottom toolbar is an action bar on the bottom. There are five buttons:   New Task,   New Section,   Date,   Move and   Delete.

Task editor panel is the panel where you can name the task or add a note to it. The panel contains 7 buttons for task editing:   High Priority,   Pin,   Date,   Tags,   Checklist,   Deadline and   Repeat.

Checkbox is a square-shaped element to the left of the task, which reflects the status of the task: a checkmark in the checkbox means the task is completed; an asterisk is used when the task is not completed today, a cross is used for a canceled task, an empty checkbox shows the task is not completed.