Repeating tasks

Set up a repeat for your regular tasks, so you don’t miss them and clear your head of the routine.

Set a task to repeat #

  1. Do one of the following:

    Method 1. Press  ⌘ Cmd +  Shift +  R

    Method 2. Open the task and click on   Repeat.

    Method 3. Right-click on the task. In the pop-up menu select Repeat.

  2. Choose a task repeat interval.

Change the repeat settings #

The task in which you set up repeat function becomes a template.

New future task instances are created based on such a template according to the selected settings — for the next 60 repeats within 2 years. You can see them in Upcoming and Calendar.

The project outputs:

  • Instances of tasks for past dates, unless you have marked them completed, deleted or archived them (if any of these actions are performed, the instance won’t be displayed).
  • The instance of a task for the closest upcoming date. If you mark such an instance as completed, delete or archive it, a new instance for the next date will appear, based on the task template settings.

The task template differs from the task instance visually: to the left of its name, the template doesn’t have a checkbox but a Repeat icon and the label Template.

The task instance has a note that it was created based on a template.

The task instance name also includes an additional Template icon.

You can change the settings for a task instance and a task template while:

  • Modifying the settings for the task instance has no effect on the template settings for this task.
  • Modifying the settings for the task template changes them for all future task instances (except for the ones with individually adjusted settings).

You can go to the task template via the context menu of the task instance. Select Go to template.

It opens the project with the required template highlighted.

There are several methods to open the template settings window:

Method 1. Open the task instance for editing, click on the template link.

Method 2. Press ⌘ Cmd + Shift + R

Method 3. In the context menu of the template, select RepeatReschedule

Method 4. Click on the Calendar icon to the left of the template.

Method 5. In the template editing panel, click on the bar with the Repeat icon and a description of the repeat settings.

Pause a task #

If there is no opportunity to perform a task at a certain period of time, you can simply pause it. That way you don’t have to delete the task and then recreate and re-configure the settings. In order to do this, you should:

  1. Open the task.
  2. Click on   Repeat.
  3. In the window that appears, click on   Pause.

Resume a task #

  1. Open the task.
  2. Click on   Repeat.
  3. In the window that appears, click on   Play.