FAQ: Data and authorization

How can I change my email in my Singularity account? #

Your email address is used to log in to the application and it’s your identifier. This is why we don’t recommend to change it. If you have to do so, please contact our support team via the email address you use in your Singularity account. We will check whether or not you can change your email.

If the subscription is paid through the website, we will change your email address on the server side. If you used other payment methods, we don’t have this opportunity, however, we will guide you on how to transfer data from one account to another.

How can I export data from the app? #

You can export projects into separate files and copy tasks and paste them into any text editor:

  • Create a template — an unloading of project data in CSV format. You can do this via the context menu of the project:

    It will unload a CSV file of the particular project with all its subprojects and tasks. Read more about template export here.

  • Copy-paste tasks from Singularity to another application or text editor.

Can tech support request access to my data in the app? #

If there is an error in your application, our support specialists might ask for:

  • log files — these do not contain open data on tasks, but only identifiers;
  • obfuscated backup — backup, in which the user data of tasks and projects are replaced with the symbol «?», so support specialists can’t see it.

How is data security and confidentiality ensured? #

We use HTTPS, which encrypts all traffic, when transferring content. In case of problems, we analyze server-side log files, but these files do not contain open user data. The access to the database is also restricted by security policies.

Besides, you can encrypt contents of tasks by using the function of task encryption in your application — in this case, encrypted data is transferred to the cloud in the encrypted format, and only you can decrypt it on the client-side of the app, when you enter the password to the task.

How do I recover data? #

In the mobile app

Settings → Backup → Retrieve a copy

On a desktop

Singularity makes data backups regularly. It allows you to restore a previous version of the data in the app.

Where to find the necessary files:

  • on MacOS:
    ~/Library/Containers/ru.sibirix.singularitydesktop/Data/Library/Application Support/SingularityApp/nedb-backup/
  •  on Windows:
    C:\\\AppData\Roaming\SingularityApp\nedb-backup\ That’s what they look like:

    File extensions should only include .json (without .cens)

    How to restore data using this file:

  1. Close the application.
  2. Select the file of the necessary date (indicated in the file name), rename it to backup.json and copy it.
  3. Move the file to the folder on the level above:
    • on MacOS:
      ~/Library/Containers/ru.sibirix.singularitydesktop/Data/Library/Application Support/SingularityApp

      on Windows:

Is data available offline? #

Singularity goes offline automatically when there is no Internet connection. Any data you enter in the app offline is automatically synced to the server as soon as there is Internet access (assuming you are already authorized in your account).

What should I do if PC-version synchronization does not work in the corporate network? #

In corporate or work networks, there may be restrictions set by a system administrator or security systems which block correct network interaction between the application and the server. The application is most likely unable to connect to our server because of these, and therefore it gives an error.

To fix it, you should put SingularityApp and our server address — — on the security exceptions list of your operating system. Use the web version of Singularity in the corporate network if the system administrators are unable to set up exceptions for the application.