Today folder #

The list of tasks in this folder is created automatically:

  1. When you set a due date, for a task, it automatically appears in the Today folder on that date.
  2. When you make a task repetitive, , it automatically appears in the Today folder at the selected intervals.
  3. When you complete a task for today, a star appears in its checkbox, the task is paused, and at 00:00 it reappears in the Today folder.

You can also create a task in the Today folder manually.

At the bottom of the window, under the list of tasks, the Tasks in Archive are displayed.

It is a special section that contains archived tasks from the Today folder. These tasks are also available in the Archive folder.

Tasks in the Today folder can be grouped by projects. Overdue tasks can be displayed in a special group in the general task list.

Group by projects #

  • Click on   Sort.

    You can find the  Sort button between the folder name and task list.

  • In the pop-up menu, select Group by projects.

    The task list will change, now you will see project spoilers with a task list in each of them.

If there is a pinned task in the task list for today, it will be displayed at the top of the project’s tasks.

Task sorting will continue to work in all categories, but this time it will be done within each project.

Tasks in the Today folder can be moved from project to project right in the application window. You can drag and drop them or use hotkeys.

Group overdue tasks #

An overdue task is a task that has not been completed on its due date, and you have neither put a checkmark against it nor rescheduled it. By default, the overdue tasks grouping is enabled, so the first thing you will see in the application tomorrow morning is the list of tasks that you forgot to mark as completed today. They will be put in one group:

If you want to get additional notifications and overdue tasks highlighting in different colors, enable tracking of overdue tasks in the Application Settings.