Share a to-do list

You can share your to-do list even with those who don’t use SingularityApp yet.

Share a to-do list #

You can send a link to any of your projects to any Internet user. The linked project is opened in a browser and doesn’t require you to sign up an account in SingularityApp or to install the app.

How to share a project link with NOT a SingularityApp user:

  1. Use the project context menu to open the project invitation window.
  2. Put the Public link to the project toggle switch in the right position by clicking on the line. The toggle switch turns an accent color, the application generates a public link. The link is displayed in a separate field with a Copy icon.
  3. This link allows to open the project in a browser.

Available actions with tasks in the project opened by the link:

  • View task descriptions;
  • Mark tasks completed, while animated reactions remain active;
  • Mark checklist items within tasks as completed.

Unavailable task operations:

  • Deleting;
  • Editing.

Remove shared link access #

To disable shared project link access, just switch the Public project link toggle switch to the left position.