Pomodoro mobile

Run Pomodoro #

  1. Click on the Pomodoro icon, which is the center icon on the bottom bar of the side menu of the app.
  2. In the window that appears, you can:

    • tap Play immediately if you are satisfied with the default timer interval;
    • select a suitable interval from those offered in the upper part of the window. To do this, tap the desired interval and make sure that a checkmark appears in the selected circle.
  3. While Pomodoro is running, you can keep track of the remaining of the current interval in the bottom bar of the Side menu (the timer is displayed in the same place as its icon). During the work interval the timer color is red, during the rest interval it is green.

Select an interval #

Pomodoro defaults to the traditional for this technique 25-minute intervals (work periods) and 5-minute intervals (short breaks). It means that the timer starts with a countdown of 25 minutes, during which you should concentrate on your work deeply, and then you have 5 minutes to rest. Afterwards, you are supposed to repeat the set.

After every four repetitions, there comes a long break — you have more time to rest. You can always adjust the intervals if the traditional ones don’t suit you.

Presets with convenient intervals are placed above the timer. You can change the interval directly in the Pomodoro window.

  1. Tap on your desired time preset value — the timer will stop and reset the value to the selected preset.

    Note: when you select a preset, a new value is temporarily saved in the settings — as long as it is selected and you use it. The last set value remains selected the next time Pomodoro is opened.

  2. Run Pomodoro and a new interval counts down.

Configure Pomodoro #

Tap the Gear icon to open the Pomodoro timer settings window. There you can:

  • manually change the duration of any of work or rest intervals, as well as the frequency of long breaks;
  • disable / enable automatic start of the next period (the automatic start means that the green rest period starts itself automatically after the completion of the red work period. There is no need for you to tap anything).