Import from OmniFocus

  1. To export data from OmniFocus, select File → Export in the menu bar. In the window that appears, select the location of the file to be exported and the OnmiFocus Document format that contains all of your current data in OmniFocus.
  2. In the SingularityApp main menu, choose File → Import → Import from OmniFocus and upload the OmniFocus data file.

  3. Done! Your data has been transferred to SingularityApp.


  1. OmniFocus supports three types of projects: parallel, sequential, and single actions. All of them are located in separate folders. In SingularityApp, they will become projects and subprojects.
  2. Tasks in OmniFocus can have several types of dates: Estimated Duration, Defer Until, Due. SingularityApp can only read Due — this will be the due date of the task.
  3. The minimum interval for task recurrence in SingularityApp is daily. This interval will be assigned to all recurring tasks which interval in OmniFocus was “every minute” and “every hour”.
  4. OmniFocus automatically assigns notifications for all tasks with dates. OmniFocus does not export notification data, so tasks transferred to SingularityApp do not have notifications.