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Web calendars integration

Connect SingularityApp to your favorite calendars by link! The iCal format is supported by Google Calendar and majority of the other web calendars, as well as lots of websites and applications that publish schedules of webinars, events, and trainings. Now you can subscribe to these calendars and view planned events in SingularityApp

Calendar connection

  1. Open Application Settings.

    To do this, press  Cmd +  , or choose SingularityApp > Settings in the system menu.

  2. In the settings, select: Calendars > Web Calendar.
  3. Select the calendar that you want to view in SingularityApp and insert a link to it in the application window.
  4. Done! The calendar is connected and its events are displayed in SingularityApp.

    If you don’t see events from the calendar in the app, make sure that the calendar status is Show:

  5. Note: When you connect to a Web calendar, SingularityApp assigns it a color at random.
    You can change calendar’s color in the settings window by clicking on the circle next to the calendar’s name and choosing the color in the palette.

How to get a link to a calendar

Let’s see an example:

Google calendar

  1. Log in to your Google account and open calendar.
  2. Click on the Settings icon in the top menu and choose Settings
  3. In the Settings for my calendars section click on the calendar that you want to view in SingularityApp.

    If you want to view events from more than one calendar, you have to connect each one of them, because each one has an individual iCal link.

    Another thing that makes us sad: Google doesn’t provide a link to the Birthdays calendar which is in the every default account. No idea why. But this is the reason why it is not possible to connect Birthdays calendar to SingularityApp. We hope sinserely that one day Google will make iCal links for this calendar too :)

  4. Copy an adress in iCal format. There are two of those available: public address (it is displayed for everyone if the calendar is public) and secret address (it is displayed only for users who are personally given access to the calendar by its owner). Any one of them will work, but to connect the calendar by a public link it is necessary to make the calendar public also.

Yandex Calendar

There’s how to get an iCal link to Yandex Calendar:

  1. Click on the Settings icon on the right of the calendar’s name. In the settings window, select the Export tab.
  2. That’s it! The link you need is the top one.

Outlook Calendar

Same story with the Outlook calendar. You can find the necsssary link in the settings.

  1. Click the Settings icon — it is on the right in the top bar.
  2. Settings window will pop-up. In the Shared Calendar section, select the calendar that you want to view in SingularityApp from the drop-down list. In the Publish a calendar section set up an access option for this calendar: Can view all details. Then click Publish.
  3. The Settings window will be updated and will display links to publish the calendar. You need the bottom link ICS.

    Note: Only public Outlook Calendars can be connected to SingularityApp, so please make sure yours is public.

View events

  1. Open the Today folder to see what events are scheduled for today in your Google calendar.

    On a darker background, tasks are displayed above all other tasks in the same order as they have in Google Calendar.

    They are marked with colored round labels. Color of a label matches the color of its cell in a Google calendar.

    Task names can have diffferent colors and styles. It depends on a status of a task:

    • If an event is overdue, the task name is gray.
    • If it is an ongoing event, the task name is in bold.
    • If it is an upcoming event, the task name is general.
  2. Open the Upcoming folder to see what events are scheduled for the next 2 months in your Google calendar.

    On a darker background, tasks are displayed above all other tasks in the same order as they have in Google Calendar.

You may set up the synchronization both on a single device and several ones. In the second case, you need to set up the sync separately on each.

It is one-way synchronization, so you may only view events from your Google calendars on the planner.

SingularityApp will soon have a new release with two-way sync available. This means you will be able to edit and check events from your Google calendar like regular tasks in SingularityApp, and they will sync across all devices.

Keep in touch!