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You need Favorites not for the most brilliant, wonderful and beautiful tasks, it is for the tasks that you often deal with. It also should be mentioned that Favorites bar does not contain only tasks, there can be projects, sections, and tags as well. Add them to your Favorites, and they will always be visible on the sidebar above all projects

Add to Favorites

Method 1. Highlight the task, section, project, or tag, and press  Shift +  ⌘ Cmd +  L
Method 2. Right-click the task, section, project, or tag. In the drop-down menu select: Add to Favorites.
Method 3. Press and hold the task, section, project, or tag with the left mouse button, while continuing to hold the button down, drag it to Favorites.

Limits for Favorites

You can add an unlimited number of items to your Favorites, but we recommend to add five or less, because to have a lot of priorities mean nearly the same as to have none. Therefore, if there are many items, not all of them will be seen at one time, to find some of them you will have to scroll down.

Using Favorites

Go to item:

Left-click the item in Favorites and it will be open in the Main application panel.

Reorder items:

  1. Press and hold the Favorite item with the left mouse button.
  2. While holding the button, drag it to another location in Favorites.

Remove from Favorites

  1. Right-click the task, section, project, or tag in Favorites.
  2. In the drop-down menu select: Remove from Favorites.